Twitter made me want to blog, finally

I’ve had a few blogs in college and high school, and they’ve always fizzled out after a while— especially when I was required to blog for a class*. I think I’ve never faithfully blogged because I’ve ignored what’s probably a big rule for blogging: don’t write because you think a lot of people will read it.

For better or for worse, Twitter has convinced me that I can probably write something that will reach the right audience. Like many of my J-school student peers, I’ve become obsessed with how beautifully Twitter works. Twitter can simplify and broadcast ideas quickly to essentially a targeted audience — I’m pretty sure my blog posts will be seen by the right people. Every time I log into Twitter, I get information streams perfectly tailored to me based on the people I choose to follow and list — like journalism students, reporters and experts of choice. And it’s been a great two-way exchange so far.

I’m writing this on a plane that’s due to land in Brussels, Belgium in about an hour. I’m ridiculously excited. I’ll spend a few days visiting with family on my Mom’s side, then I’ll have a night in London before meeting up with my study abroad class. We’ll be producing multimedia reports on religion and faith traditions in the UK and Italy, visiting Dublin, London, Rome and a few others. After the program ends on June 11, I’ll go on my own to visit Scotland, Belgium, Luxembourg and anywhere else I can pull off.

I’ll be blogging about my experiences in both reporting and just experiencing Europe. For now, thanks for reading — here are a few articles that might give a better picture of what I’ve been up to:

An Even Exchange:

Greed is a bit underrated

America’s two big alternate universes

No Privacy: Are Facebook’s new privacy settings the worst yet?

*Full disclosure: I’m required to blog for the classes I’m taking during my study abroad trip. But…I would have started this blog anyway.


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