Anecdote from Brussels, Belgium

After a brief trip to Paris, I’m back at my cousin’s place in Brussels. He lives in a neighborhood with a few sketchy stories — including the al-Qaeda terror cell that was busted almost literally down the street from him.


Bullet hole in one of the windows at my cousin's place. The bullet was aimed at the sky, not inside, so the round lodged in the ceiling. This doesn't happen very often.

Of course, it’s not necessarily dangerous where I’m staying. If anything, I’d be the victim of a property crime, like the four students  who had their computers stolen from their flat in London on my study abroad trip.

Anecdote: Within the last year, my cousin was driving in his neighborhood and saw a car accident directly in front of him. A man was making a left turn when another man clearly ran a red light and slammed into him, totaling the red light runner’s car. My cousin, in good faith, decided to be a witness to the crime to make sure the red-light runner didn’t get away with it — and my cousin ignored the warning he had been given  a while earlier: don’t get involved, even as a witness for a traffic accident.

A man near the scene stopped my cousin from giving his name and told him that the car crash was intentional — maybe they were trying to kill the guy, or just send a message. So my cousin left the scene and avoided being a witness, which would have required him to give his home address. Reminded me of a scene in Analyze This.


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